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Jackie Chan's Traumatic Brain Injury

Jackie Chan is a famous Hong Kong martial artist and actor. As legendary stuntman, he has suffered and survived from over ten serious injuries during his film recording, including injuries to his shoulder, knee, cervical spine and brain.

The most serious injury Jakie Chan had was during the shooting of Armour of God II due to a simple stunt. The stunt involves jumping between the two walls of the castle and then swinging between the branches below. After drinking beer, he jumped from a tree, but the tree’s limb gave way, and he fell down to the rocks below. ““My whole body was numb…Suddenly I had a lot of things put in my ear, I think ‘What the hell is that?' Then, wow, suddenly all the blood (was rushing) from my ear.” he said to Yahoo Entertainment.

Chan was sent to the hospital immediately, surgeons said that his skull cracked, and the bone had penetrated his brain. Fortunately, Jackie Chan made a full recovery, but he lost some of the hearing in his right ear.

Never stop

Although this experience is almost fatal, Jackie Chan is still engaging in a filming career in his 60s. Besides, Jackie Chan has come to cherish life more after a dozen injuries. He concerns more on the charity work, since he knows he is deeply blessed. As a result, he has been actively supported in all kinds of charitable works, including UNICEF, Operation Smile and his own Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, which was founded in 2004. He raises millions of dollars to help those in need as well.

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