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​Voices of Brain Injury

Voices of Brain Injury is a youth-led blog-style publication focusing on the stories of individuals with brain injuries, especially during the unusual time of the COVID-19 pandemic, aiming to reunite the community though we are physically apart, as well as informing the public about brain injuries, raising awarenesses. We conduct one-on-one interviews with individuals from brain injury community who are willing to share their experiences. Due to regulations, Interviews will be conducted over video meeting on Zoom, over the phone, or by email. 

Voices of Brain Injury is generously supported by Victoria Brain Injury Society. To visit Victoria Brain Injury Society, visit

Meet Our Team... 

Voices of Brain Injury

  • Instagram @voices_of_braininjury

Instagram @voices_of_braininjury

Bridging the gap between public and brain injury community through shared narratives.